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Woodlea Luminaria Pick Up


Woodlea neighbors,

If you ordered a luminaria kit but were unable to pick up during the pick up time last Saturday, they will be placed on the Woodlea Club House porch by 2 p.m. Friday and will be left outside until they are all picked up.

  • While you are there, please pick up sand (generously donated by T.W. Perry) located near the gazebo in the large white bags. Plan to bring a scoop. Each luminaria kit included two plastic bags for sand, but you may prefer to bring a bucket. We recommend 25 cups of sand per 50 luminarias (about a half cup per bag).
  • Please do not put sand in your paper luminaria bags until you are ready to place them outside (the sand will ultimately disintegrate the bottom of the paper bags).
  • To prepare your luminarias, fold down the top of each bag for stability. This can be done in advance (give yourself 30-40 minutes for 50 bags). When you are ready to place them outside, scoop a half cup of sand into each bag, place the candle (either in the provided plastic cup or not) and light it. The candles are “10 hour candles” but will likely burn for closer to 4-5 hours.
  • Neighbors are aiming to light luminarias by 6 p.m.-ish on Christmas Eve (but knowing that everyone has individual circumstances, do what works for you).
  • Ideally, we would place them along the street alongside the curb, so that it would be one long line of lights.

Thanks everyone – and happy holidays!

Kim Blake

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