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Tennis and Pickleball

Woodlea's tennis and pickleball courts are private and reserved exclusively for use by residents, members, and their guests.

General Guidelines
- Play is available on a first come, first served basis unless reservations have been made on the reservation sheets posted at the courts.
- Each resident or member may use the courts for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.
- Monday Friday from 5 PM until dusk children (ages 16 and under) may only play with an adult member or when no adult members are waiting to use the courts.
- One player must display proof of residency or membership by using the clips attached to the fence. The ID must remain on display during play time.
- Tennis Court #1 is closest to the gazebo. Tennis Court #2 is furthest from the gazebo. Pickleball Court #1 is furthest from the pool. Pickleball court #2 is closest to the pool.
- Courts are to be used for tennis or pickleball only. All other activities are prohibited on the courts.
- Pets are not permitted on the courts at any time.
- Report any damage to the court surface, net, gate, fence or gazebo to TWC.